Lenovo Now Ships More PCs Than Any Other Firm

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Chinese PC maker Lenovo now ships more computers than any other company in the world. It's the first time in history the firm has held the leading market position.

Technology research firm Gartner recently reported that Lenovo holds a 15.7 per cent share of the global PC market. The company's huge market share was helped by the 13.77 million PCs shipped in the third quarter alone.

Lenovo now surpasses Hewlett-Packard (HP), which previously led the PC market. However, HP is not far behind Lenovo, selling 15.5 per cent of all computers traded on the global market.

World's PC Shipments Decline Overall

It's a major though bittersweet victory for Lenovo because Gartner's report also reveals that worldwide PC shipments are down 8.3 per cent from last year's numbers. (Source: technewsworld.com)

Observers believe that sales are off because many potential PC buyers have opted for tablet computers and smartphones instead of laptop and desktop devices.

Given that trend, it's no surprise that Lenovo chief executive officer Yan Yuanqing appeared unsatisfied with news his firm had finally surpassed HP for the top spot.

"Becoming the clear leader in global PC share of course remains one of Lenovo's aspirations, but it also only represents one more milestone in our journey as a company," Yuanqing said in a recent statement. (Source: wsj.com)

Gartner, IDC Statistics Vary

In a separate statement, Lenovo representatives drew attention to industry reports from Gartner's rival IDC, which found that Hewlett-Packard -- and not Lenovo -- was the world leader in PC shipments.

IDC reported that HP holds a 15.9 to 15.7 per cent advantage over Lenovo in PC shipments.

"The difference between IDC and Gartner numbers is largely based on how the two firms calculate numbers for certain products," Lenovo representatives said. (Source: wsj.com)

One thing's for certain: Lenovo continues to press for PC supremacy. Earlier this year the firm announced plans to spend $800 million building a new production facility in China.

Observers expect that facility will produce mobile products -- precisely the devices that have caused so much trouble for PC makers in recent years.

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