Is Explorer and Internet Explorer the same program?

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Infopackets Reader Linda S. write s:

" Dear Dennis,

With regards to the last newsletter, is it possible that you are assuming that Christine R. accidentally stated that Windows Explorer was trying to access the internet and that she actually meant that Internet Explorer was trying to get access? My firewall also will not allow me to have access to the internet unless I give both Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer access. Her question may have been a typo but I think maybe she is having the same problem as I am. Can you offer any suggestions to remedy this? "

My Response:

I'm not sure if you're aware of this -- but Explorer and Internet Explorer are tightly fused together, which is why I always refer to them as one in the same. This is also why Explorer and Internet Explorer would BOTH ask for permission to use the Internet.

I believe that the main difference between the two programs is that Explorer gives you the local view of your computer, while Internet Explorer provides a remote view of your network (world wide web, FTP, etc).

Try this: while using Explorer, go to the Address bar and type in an web URL. Explorer will connect to the site without the need to load Internet Explorer, because they are essentially the same program. I also received suggestions from two Infopackets Readers regarding Christine's firewall problem.

Infopackets Reader Stu W. writes:

" To me, it sounds like Christine has Zone Alarm installed. To Keep that message from coming up, there's a tiny box to check (something like "remember this", or "don't ask me again"). If you check that, Zone Alarm will allow passage all the time, without the popup asking for permission.

If for some reason, that box is NOT there, or perhaps grayed out, you can right click on the Zone Alarm icon in the system tray and click on Restore Zone Alarm Control Center and there one can give permissions to all the programs in the list or add new ones if need be. "

Keith R. put his two cents in:

" I thought I would drop a line and remind you that there is a simpler explanation for their problem. On certain utilities, I've seen the same thing happen, and in several cases it was just one setting causing it. In "Internet Options" in control panel, then "Connections Tab", then the "settings" button for the ISP service installed, there is a checkbox at the very bottom of the page .."Do Not Let Internet Programs Use This Connection". If this is checked, depending on the firewall, it could cause these types of behavior. It's worth a look-see, and is a simple fix, the kind I'm rather fond of.

Hope this helps out. "

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