RIM Accused of Lying About BlackBerry 10 Delay

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A tech website has accused Research in Motion (RIM) of lying about its decision to delay the release of its BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system (OS). RIM, however, denies the allegation.

Research in Motion recently admitted it has been forced to delay the release of its highly-anticipated BlackBerry 10 OS until late 2012.  However, the company attributed the postponement of the mobile operating system to its adoption of a new and different hardware chipset, now being developed by an unknown third-party vendor.

"High-Level" RIM Worker Leaks A Different Story

The blog "Boy Genius Report" (BGR) contradicts this claim, though, and says a "high-level RIM employee" leaked word that the official story simply isn't true.

Instead, BGR reports the source insists that Research in Motion has been experiencing trouble transferring functions like native email and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) from older editions of the BlackBerry operating system to the new, next-generation BlackBerry 10 OS. (Source: pcmag.com)

In short, BlackBerry 10 melds elements of existing BlackBerry functionality with new features built into the QNX operating system, which RIM has been working on since it acquired Ottawa, Canada-based QNX in 2010.

New Blackberry "A Step Backwards"

"Email and [personal information management is better] on a [BlackBerry] 8700 [smartphone] than it is on BlackBerry 10," BGR says it has learned.

The investigative site also claims that BlackBerry 10, in its current configuration, is far inferior to rival mobile platforms seen on early versions of Apple's iOS or Google's Android devices.

In essence, it would appear that, in its current state, BlackBerry 10 represents a huge step backward, and is highly unlikely to gain already troubled RIM any new customers. That, and not chipset troubles, is supposedly why we won't see BlackBerry 10 for another year.

RIM Calls Report "Inaccurate"

RIM refuted the explosive report by stating that it had "made a strategic decision to launch BlackBerry 10 devices with a new, LTE-based dual-core chipset architecture," and added that "the anonymous claim suggesting otherwise is inaccurate and uninformed." (Source: mobileburn.com)

Unfortunately, the squabble between RIM and the prominent tech blog is just one more nasty story to add to a long list of troubles for the Waterloo, Canada-based company.

The truth about the BlackBerry 10 delay will probably not be known until the device itself is formally launched, or at least made available for review and analysis.

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