iPad Finally Gets a Facebook App

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Although it's been available for quite a while now, the very popular Apple iPad has yet to receive its very own Facebook app designed specifically to take advantage of the tablet's unique technology. But that's about to change, Facebook recently revealed.

To date, iPad users (and there are a lot of them) have been frustrated and annoyed with Facebook for failing to address their demand for a native Facebook app. For the year and a half since the original iPad launched, users have had to make due with applications built by third-party developers capable of showing Facebook pages. Unfortunately, the performance of these apps has been less than ideal.

Long Wait Still Unexplained, Mostly

It looks like that's all about to change. This past Monday, Facebook unveiled an updated edition of its iPhone application for the iPad. According to the social network's management team, the new app is tailor-made for the iPad technology, allowing for easy navigation of the large touch screen.

So, why the long wait? Facebook chief technology officer, Bret Taylor, suggested it was just a matter of making sure the product worked perfectly. "We're releasing it now because it's done," Taylor said. (Source: washingtonpost.com)

The biggest improvement seen in Facebook's new iPad app is the ability to play games developed for the social networking site. Frustratingly for many users, the iPhone version of the app didn't get access to the many games, like "Words with Friends," available when accessing Facebook through a PC. It seems that's been changed.

Noticeably Absent: Abysmal Re-Design

Other features available with the new Facebook iPad app: online chat and News Feed notifications. Interestingly, it appears the controversial new re-design has not been implemented. (Source: thisismynext.com)

One welcome carry-over from the iPhone app, however, is that there's no charge for the Facebook app. Right now, and for the forseeable future, it remains free to iPad users via the Apple App Store.

Social networking support for touch screen tablets won't end with the iPad, either. Facebook says it's currently working on an app that will be available to Android tablet users as well.

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