Rumor: Windows 8 Tablet to be Unveiled This Week

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It may be another year before Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system (OS) officially hits retailers, but that doesn't mean hardware companies aren't already using it for new devices. In fact, it's expected that Samsung will unveil a new tablet PC running Windows 8 at the Microsoft BUILD conference this week.

BUILD is a developers conference being held by Microsoft for the first time this fall. The conference will be held in Anaheim, California from September 13-16.

Attendees May Receive Free Copies of Tablet

Now, everyone expected that Windows 8 would be a hot topic at the event, but the possible unveiling of a new tablet actually running the OS has everyone buzzing.

Word of the Samsung reveal comes from the Korea Economic Daily, which reports that "this new product manufactured by Samsung will be the company's first collaboration with Microsoft in its hardware devices." (Source:

Adding to that note, some have speculated that those attending the conference might actually be provided with free copies of the Samsung device by Microsoft.

Legal Trouble Forces Samsung to Diversify

Moving forward, it's expected that Samsung will continue to use the Android platform for most of its tablets and that this foray into the Windows sphere is an attempt by the company to diversify its portfolio.

Part of the reason for this new trend is Samsung's ongoing patent battle with Apple -- makers of the iPad -- over the construction of its Galaxy Tab tablet and various smartphone devices. (Source:

Keep in mind that Windows 8 isn't the only thing worth getting excited about when it comes to Samsung's new tablet. It's also believed that the device will be using a brand new quad-core processor from NVIDIA called the "Kal El" -- a component that could offer superior processing power and provide the hardware with a performance boost that could help it compete in a very challenging tablet market.

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