New Hi-Tech Wristband to Help Users Lose Weight

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Maintaining an active lifestyle remains an ongoing struggle for many people. But a new, hi-tech wristband is looking to keep people motivated to stay fit and make health-conscious decisions throughout the day.

Jawbone, a company known for manufacturing Bluetooth headsets, has expanded their production to include a lightweight bracelet that monitors an individual's daily physical activity through the use of built-in motion and vibration sensors.

Smartphone Pics Reveal Eating Patterns

Called "Up," the wrist wear accompanies a smartphone app that enables users to record their eating habits simply by snapping a picture of the foods they consume.

"Up" then computes the numbers, giving the health-conscious user an overall portrait of their lifestyle, complete with motivational suggestions designed for the benefit of improving certain health habits. (Source:

The accompanying app is similar to the new "Meal Snap" iPhone app that lets people take pictures of their food and instantly get back a calorie count and caption identification.

Jawbone admits that "Up" is designed to function in a manner similar to Nike+, a small exercise sensor that also works with a companion app. But instead of focusing exclusively on running stats and figures, "Up" creates a comprehensive picture of a person's health, including eating and sleeping routines. (Source:

Daily Efforts Valued, Visible

Analysts believe that the wristband is interactive (and at the very least, visible) enough to encourage people to think about their lifestyle decisions on a more frequent basis.

While "Up" is an ongoing commitment, posting results online and establishing attainable goals can keep users focused on their weight loss goals.

The wristbands are due out for commercial release later in the year.

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