Microsoft Kinect to make TV Advertising Interactive

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The idea of an "interactive advertisement" has long been associated with those online sidebars that ask users to answer an obvious trivia question or "shoot" a moving target.

But Microsoft is now investing in an advertising protocol that would allow consumers to use voice and motion controls to make investigating advertisements pitched at them a truly interactive experience.

NUAds Allow Users to Interact with TV Advertisements

The new medium (called NUads) allows people to interact with their televisions and activate all of the virtual components an advertiser has to offer.

NUads was introduced earlier in the week at the Cannes International Advertising Festival and works as a result of the innovations offered through the Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360 video game console.

As Microsoft advertising GM Mark Kroese stated in a recent blog post, "NUads breaks down barriers between consumers and content on the TV screen and make traditional linear content (like a 30 second TV spot) irresistibly interactive."

NUAds Demonstrated using Voice and Motion

In a recent demonstration, Kroese showcased the breadth of voice and motion commands.

If a user finds a product that appeals to them via a television advertisement, for example, they can utter the phrase "Xbox Tweet" and be instantly connected to an engine where they can tweet something about the brand.

Requiring more information about a product could by done by saying "Xbox More" where, in addition to finding bonus content, they might also be privy to a coupon request sent by email. (Source:

The system hits close to home with the voice command "Xbox Near Me" that brings up a Bing Map and locates the nearest retailer, sending the user a text message with the exact location.

In some cases, an advertiser might also offer up information about a planned product display or open demonstration. This type of information would been seen after saying "Xbox Schedule". (Source:

Motion Sensing Used for Feedback

The only real motion sensing feature right now comes at the end of an advertisement when a user is prompted to give their opinion via a direct feedback option with the wave of their hand (though it remains unclear whether or not a verbal feedback option is available).

NUads are expected to launch in the spring of 2012.

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