PS Network Experiences Second Breach in Under a Month

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A new exploit threatens to once again wreak havoc on the PlayStation Network (PSN) only days after Sony was able to rebound from the original attack.

After going back online following weeks of network shutdown, many gamers believed that the inconvenience of having to change their passwords was going to be the extent of their current PlayStation woes. But the new exploit is said to be just as malicious as its predecessor, putting parts of the network back on lockdown mode.

Password Reset System Flawed

Several sources have since confirmed that there is indeed a security hole in the PlayStation Network password reset system.

The exploit allows anyone with a member's birth date and email address to access that person's account, while also granting permission for password changes and access to sensitive information.

In fact, it was the compromising of personal information that had initially plagued Sony back in April of this year. (Source:

Online Play and Messaging Unaffected

This time Sony reacted by shuttering the websites that rely on PlayStation Network login information. However, the company did say that the PS3 and PSP areas of the network (which still allow online play and messaging features) would remain running -- for now.

The official PlayStation website (including PlayStation forums) are no longer accepting logins or account activity until Sony can improve the situation.

If an individual does attempt to access this portion of the PlayStation Network, they will be met with a "down for maintenance" notice that has become all-too-familiar in recent weeks. (Source:

Sony has not yet provided a detailed timeframe for the completion of PlayStation Network repairs.

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