Microsoft Bing Now Available as iPad App

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Microsoft now has an app available for the Apple iPad based on the Bing search engine, with a few interesting features thrown in to make it unique.

The iPad already comes with a built-in Safari browser that includes a search bar, but the Bing app makes this feature appear larger in comparison.

Bing Features Exclusive to iPad

With the exclusive iPad Bing app, Microsoft has added voice search to grab the attention of impartial users. (Source:

When conducting a search, a tile pops up on the right side of the screen acting as a tab. However, the tile features a highlight tool that searches for words and phrases within a web page, making navigation much more efficient.

The Bing app also features a trends tab (compiling all of the top search queries for the day) as an initial option for the user. If interested, the individual is presented with a 10-tile grid that can be tapped to uncover all the news, sports and entertainment stories making headlines around the world. (Source:

Other interesting features include a jump list on the side with suggestions, related searches and a category filter.

MS Promotes Bing as Better Option

Microsoft does not appear content with simply being a "guest" app on a rival device. Rather, the company is taking great liberties in promoting their newest outlet and encouraging people to use the application ahead of the built-in search bar when conducting their online quests.

There are a few setbacks with the new app, however.

It appears as if an individual will be unable to input a specific URL, bookmark preferred sites or jump to specific pages. Still, many believe that this is a small price to pay when weighing the new features Microsoft has implemented in making Bing a viable alternative to the standard search bar.

The new Bing iPad app is available for download within the iTunes App Store.

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