Facebook Not Protecting Users Enough: Report

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Do you feel safe using Facebook? Given the social networking site's incredible growth in previous years, it would appear most people do.

But one prominent security company says the site should do a whole lot more to protect its millions of users, and has made three major suggestions for beefing up Facebook's privacy shields.

The suggestions include:

  • Introduce major adjustments to the default privacy settings so that user data cannot be shared in any circumstance unless they give express consent. (Right now, people have to seek out and adjust these settings to keep people from snooping personal information.)
  • Be extremely vigilant in vetting developers interested in publishing applications through Facebook.
  • Make every single Facebook page secure (where web addresses begin with https://...) (Source: allfacebook.com)

Facebook Users Feeling Unprotected?

In supporting its case, the Sophos blog proclaims that its many commenters are "desperate for advice on how to deal with the consequences" when they find their personal data has been compromised.

"A frequent refrain from users who contact us is, 'Why doesn't Facebook do more to protect us?'" author Graham Cluley noted in the post. (Source: pcmag.com)

Also interesting about the blog: Cluley's prediction that, someday soon, Facebook may be held accountable for protecting its users. Naked Security believes it would reflect better on the social networking site if it took the initiative in assuring the protection of its members.

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