Microsoft Offers Early Glimpse of Internet Explorer 10

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It's been less than a month since the release of Internet Explorer 9. Nevertheless, Microsoft has already given a brief glimpse of Internet Explorer 10 and some of its nifty new features.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) debuted on March 14 after months of anticipation. Despite the excitement surrounding its release, IE9 was quickly overshadowed by Mozilla's unveiling of Firefox 4 only five days later. In the hours that followed, Firefox demolished Microsoft's browser in total number of downloads.

For some, the relatively lack-luster showing by Internet Explorer 9 is reflective of Microsoft's larger struggle in browser marketplace.

Internet Explorer 10: Customizable Layout

It makes sense then, for Microsoft to remind web users that it is constantly working on newer and better versions of its browser.

On Tuesday it unveiled Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1, which shows off a number of anticipated new browser features, including a customizable layout and presentation options and CSS (cascading style sheet) gradients.

The preview was part of Microsoft's presentation at MIX11, the company's annual web development conference.

Speaking on the subject of Internet Explorer 10 was corporate VP Dean Hachamovitch, who took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of hardware acceleration in both Internet Explorer 9 and, in particular, the upcoming IE10.

Internet Explorer 10 Vs Chrome and Firefox

In a series of demonstrations, Hachamovitch showed off the benefits of video hardware acceleration when used in browsers, comparing IE performance with that of Google's Chrome (which uses only minimal acceleration of this type). (Source:

Although Mozilla Firefox uses hardware acceleration, it doesn't target operating system functionality in the same way that IE9 or IE10 does.

Mozilla uses an alternative system that allows it to offer hardware acceleration on both Windows and Linux, but Hachamovitch was adamant that this would hinder Firefox's overall performance capabilities within Windows.

Taking Advantage of Modern Hardware

"With Internet Explorer 9, web sites can take advantage of the power of modern hardware and a modern operating system and deliver experiences that were not possible a year ago. Internet Explorer 10 will push the boundaries of what developers can do on the web even further," noted Hachamovitch. (Source:

While Hachamovitch's presentation did a lot to stir interest in Microsoft's plans for browser development, he didn't say when we can expect a complete version of IE10.

Experts speculate that we might receive a final release in about a year, coinciding with IE9's development cycle.

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