Microsoft Exec Suggests Apple Notebooks for All

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A Microsoft executive is raising a few eyebrows after making the controversial claim that everyone in the computer industry should own an Apple notebook.

The statement came via a post in which Rahul Sood suggested that "Every executive in the PC industry should use an Apple notebook. Apple doesn't just design products, they designed their business and process (as well)." (Source:

While it's most certainly a bold statement to make for a Microsoft employee, the situation is further bewildering considering the fact that Sood has only held the title of Microsoft's General Manager of Interactive Entertainment Business for about a month now.

Critics Suggest Tweet Intended for HP

In addition to his role with Microsoft, Rahul Sood is also the founder and CTO of Voodoo Computers Inc, a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard.

However, the relationship between Sood and HP has since ended, and while the now infamous tweet sure sounds like it was directed at Microsoft, according to ConceivablyTech, Sood might very well have been knocking HP.

A number of private status updates suggest that HP had been unwilling to compete as a major player in the laptop market; a fact that has seemingly raised the ire of Sood.

"We could have [competed in the laptop field]. [We] just needed a few more years of patience and investment in our tooling/process." Sood went on to suggest that there are "ways to cut costs that don't involve cutting the consumer experience. It requires broader thinking." (Source:

Sood: No Stranger to Controversy

Regardless of who the tweet was intended for, one thing is for certain: Sood is no stranger to controversy. In a move clearly intended for shock value, he once cut a birthday cake with an Apple Macbook Air during his time at HP.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft handles the situation, considering the fact that Sood remains one of their newest executive acquisitions.

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