Microsoft Slashes Price of Dell Windows 7 Tablet

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Back in late November 2010, Dell released a dual tablet/netbook computer called the Inspiron Duo.

Netbook Similar to Apple iPad, but Runs Windows 7

The Inspiron Duo features a vertically rotating screen that switches between two independent modes: one that runs Windows 7 and the other a proprietary tablet mode which operates Dell software. At the time of release, the device raised lots of eyebrows -- but its $550 asking price was a bit steep for many.

That is, perhaps, until Microsoft recently slashed that cost dramatically on its Microsoft Store website.

Inspiron Duo Features Dual Core Processor

The Inspiron Duo has received positive reviews thus far.

With a 10.1-inch screen, 2GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator, dual core Intel Atom processor and Windows 7 Home Premium on board, the device is certainly no slouch. Of course, the real draw here is the Inspiron Duo's ability to easily flip between a tablet computer (similar to the Apple iPad) and netbook PC. (Source:

Dell Proprietary Tablet Software Lack-Lustre

Unfortunately, there were some drawbacks to the device.

Windows 7 Home Premium was available only while in netbook mode, with the Inspiron Duo switching to an alternative "Dell Stage" platform while in tablet mode. Reviewers like Engadget found the latter clunky and slow, leading some critics to wonder if the nifty-looking Duo was really worth its full asking price. (Source:

Apparently, Microsoft doesn't think so. The Redmond-based firm recently dropped the price of the device from $550 to just $399 on its Microsoft Store website, a decrease of 27 per cent from launch day. For the record, Dell itself is still selling the Inspiron Duo for $550 over at

Microsoft Sale Price a Limited Time Offer

Microsoft's price is not built for the long-term, however. All we know right now is that the reduction is for a limited time only, meaning it could last a month or just a week. (Source:

Regardless, it's sure to revive interest in one of just a handful of innovative Windows 7 tablet devices.

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