Discount Windows 7 Starts Now: Time-Limited

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Update 2010/11/29: NOTE: Low stock is being reported on the Amazon website (approx 50 40 units are available). We expect this offer to end this weekend (Black Friday / Cyber Monday), so don't wait! The Windows 7 Discount Link is further down the page in a box similar to this one. You may continue reading the article to find out more about this offer, or click here to access the Windows 7 discount though now.

Microsoft has officially re-introduced its Windows 7 Family Pack, a limited-time offer that drastically reduces the price of licenses for the new operating system (OS). For less than $150, consumers can now own Windows 7 licenses for up to three independent computers.

This is not the first time Microsoft has used this offer to encourage OS upgrades amongst PC users. The Redmond-based firm employed the same strategy last year in an attempt to drum up excitement around the operating system's October 22, 2009 launch.

In short, the discount worked -- sales were steady for the five-week period in which the Family Pack was offered.

Save $180+ from Original Price, 3-User License

At $149.99 $129.99 (as of November 21st, 2010) the Windows 7 Family Pack deal is an excellent offer. By providing buyers with three Windows 7 Home Premium licenses for $149.99 $129.99, you can install Windows 7 on 3 separate PCs.

The total amount saved cuts about $180 from the cost typically associated with purchasing three individual licenses.

Where to Buy Windows 7 Family Pack

Those interested in taking Microsoft up on this temporary offer can  find it available online for download via the store, through web-based retailers like, and brick and mortar outlets such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart.

The best deal reported thus far is in fact Amazon, which is reportedly selling the three-license bundle for a whopping $20 cheaper than their competitors at $129.99. This price is effective as of November 21st, 2010 and is subject to change according to Amazon policy without notice (plus or minus a few dollars). (Source:

Windows 7 Family Pack: 3 PCs, Cheapest Price

You can buy Windows 7 Family Pack through our site (associated with at the currently lowest price available using the link below. Any purchases made through our site go directly to support our website and staff of writers.

Please note that the price fluctuates (plus or minus a few dollars). The last known price for Windows 7 Family Pack is $129.99 as of November 21st, 2010. Non-USA users please read this page to find out how you can qualify for this deal in US dollars.

Don't forget: this Windows 7 Family Pack license can be used on 3 separate PCs. If you're still running Windows XP or Vista and haven't yet made the leap to Windows 7, now is the perfect time.

<< CLICK HERE to access the Windows 7 Discount Link @ >>

This is a Time-Limited Offer and will expire without notice, just as it did last year. See below for more info.

Windows 7 Family Pack: a Time-Limited Offer

Microsoft aroused indignation amongst consumers last year when the Family Pack ended in late November and early December, 2009. The company never laid a formal deadline for the offer, and so many potential adopters were frustrated to find their procrastination had left them high and dry when prices returned to normal.

Microsoft has yet again refused to cement an end date to this round of Family Pack price reductions, meaning the early bird catches the worm. In fact, the company went only so far as to state that the Family Pack deal will be available "while supplies last."

The deal is part of Microsoft's attempt to increase Windows 7's adoption rate in an age when, according to tech analysts NetApplications, decade-old Windows XP still counts for as much as 66 per cent of all Windows systems used online. (Source:

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