Microsoft Project Natal to Ship Oct 26, Rumor Suggests

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Microsoft's Project Natal, which features motion-feedback gameplay similar to the Nintendo Wii and and connects directly to the Xbox 360 console, appears to be shipping October 26, 2010. That's if you believe a recent report, which also says the add-on will cost about $150 USD.

The ship date and the price have both been suggested by UK gaming magazine, Edge. The $150 price tag actually conflicts with older reports that Microsoft might try to get the device down to around 50 UK pounds, or $72 USD. The new price isn't going to provide the "impulse buy" sensation those earlier predictions involved.

Packages Could Save Consumers $50

Edge also says Microsoft will package Natal with the cheapest and least feature-laden version of its Xbox 360 console, the Arcade. Edge says the bundle will cost $299 USD, $100 more than Arcade costs right now. That means consumers buying the package would save about $50.

Some industry analysts wonder if that rumor makes sense. Microsoft is reportedly working on a new, slimmer Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive, and might be more likely to promote that product. The Arcade doesn't come with any hard drive at all, even though most gamers end up buying one eventually so that they can make save game slots and download games off Xbox Live.

Microsoft Preparing for E3 "World Premiere"

It's unlikely any of Natal's final details will be cemented by Microsoft until after June 13, when the company will hold its "World Premiere" presentation for the device at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Edge's source admitted the Tuesday, October 26, 2010 release date has yet to be firmed up 100 per cent. However, Edge does maintain that the release date will fall somewhere around that mid-fall time period. (Source:

For its part, Microsoft has repeated its usual mantra on matters of this kind, stating that it "does not comment on rumors or speculation." (Source:

With E3 arriving in just two weeks time, we won't have to wait long for them to change that position.

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