Nokia 'Fresh Perspective' Netbook: Win7, 12hr Life

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Nokia, the world's top mobile phone maker, is poised to release a netbook running a stripped-down version of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system.

But, is a netbook a wise decision for Nokia? Nokia's profit margins have dropped over the last few quarters and some analysts are worried that entering the PC industry could hurt Nokia's profits even further.

Fresh Perspective Offering Continuous Connectivity

Nokia views their entry into the PC industry as an opportunity to bring fresh perspective to the PC world. The company, known best for its work in the cellphone universe, has produced PCs in the past, but divested the unit in 1991 when they turned their focus to the mobile phone industry.

Nokia plans to introduce extended battery life and continuous connectivity with their entry into the PC market. Nokia's first netbook -- the Nokia Booklet 3G -- will use a stripped-down version of Windows 7 and Intel's Atom processor to offer up to 12 hours of battery life. The Nokia Booklet 3G will weigh in at just 1.25 kilograms.

Netbook Shipments Expected to Grow 127%

Nokia will have to set themselves apart when entering an already crowded netbook market. Netbook shipments are expected to grow more than 127 per cent from 2008, according to Research firm IDC. (Source:

By comparison, the overall PC market is expected to remain stagnant and the mobile phone market is expected to shrink about 10 per cent.

Nokia will unveil detailed specifications, market availability and pricing on its new netbook on September 2nd, 2009. Nokia did not comment on what manufacturer it plans to use in the production of its Booklet 3G.

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