MS Word 2007 Styles Identification

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A reader recently wrote with this inquiry:

" Please, tell me how to identify the style used in a document developed by someone else. They sent me the style *.dotx and I saved it in my Microsoft QuickStyles Folder. However I have several similarly named styles -- thanks to Mr. Murphy and his law of 'if it can go wrong...'! Thank you. PS your article on displaying the paragraph styles is very helpful, now I need to know how to display the name of the style set! "

My reply:

Display the Home Ribbon if it is not already visible.

Right-click on the tiny arrow at the lower right-hand end of the Style box (or use Alt+Ctrl+Shft+S). That will drop down the Style list and the style being used will be highlighted.

Another solution is to go into the Customize dialog, select Commands Not in the Ribbon, and then select the Style item. When you hover over it, it says Commands Not in the Ribbon | Style (StyleGalleryClassic).

Add it to the Quick Access Toolbar, and it will always show the current style, the same as the one in the toolbar in Word 2003.

If you open the Style Dialog by clicking the little arrow in the right-hand corner of the Style Group on the Home Ribbon, you will see an icon for Manage Style which lets you restrict or recommended styles.

If you use the Option button, you can control which styles are displayed in the Style Dialog. You can also assign which styles you want to display in the Home group Quick Style Gallery by right-clicking on any style in the Style dialog and choosing to add or remove it from the Quick Style Gallery.

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