Hiding Text in MS Word Documents

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There may be times when you would like to share most of a document, but not all of it.

There are many different reasons why you might like to do this, such as hiding the technology jargon in a software rollout document being sent to customers. You might like to include the technology jargon in the document that is being sent to the customer's IT department, but you do not want to overwhelm your customer with too much technical detail.

Fortunately, you can accomplish this task in MS Word rather easily.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  • Select the text in your document that you would like to hide. You can make a contiguous selection by depressing your SHIFT key while you select the first and last selection. To select non-contiguous text, depress your CTRL key while selecting the text.  
  • Now that your text has been selected, click on the Font tab of the Ribbon in MS Word 2007 and click the Font dialog launcher in the bottom-right corner of the Font group.  
  • Under Effects, select Hidden.  
  • In version 2203 and earlier you will want to click on Format | Font.  
  • Under Effects, Select Hidden.

Please note that even though the text is hidden, it is still there and easily found should you send your document to someone electronically.

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