Light-Up Dress Doubles as Mobile Phone Call Indicator

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A new prototype designed especially for women will ensure that phone calls are never missed again, while making one look highly fashionable in the process. The product is actually a sleek dress engineered to light up every time the wearer's mobile phone rings.

Whenever I'm supposed to meet up with a group of friends at a sports bar or restaurant, I always cringe when I hear one of them utter the inevitable phrase "Just give me a call on my cell and we'll set up a place to meet." I've come to learn that this translates into "You're pretty much on your own, since I'll never be able to hear or feel my phone in such a noisy place."

Night ruined.

A Fashion/Tech Hybrid

Solution: A dress that connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth wireless technology so that the wearer always knows of an incoming call. (Source:

The dress was created by 20-year-old British fashion student Georgie Davies. The purpose of the design: a simple school project. However, unlike most school projects, the assignment was issued in conjunction with Sony Ericsson to discover new ways of incorporating technology into fashion.

The garment itself is being described as a knee-length, short-sleeved white dress. One shoulder of the dress down to the hip is covered with translucent while scales that move and light up every time the mobile phone rings, adding style and elegance to necessity. (Source:

Celebrity Rub Gets Worldwide Attention

How did Davies manage to get worldwide attention? She secured the services of an acclaimed celebrity to show off the new design.

Former Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova presented the first prototype dress to a number of photographers and pedestrians assembled in front of a luxury department store in central London. While no price has been assigned to this kind of dress, considering the model, location and type of store, the tech/fashion hybrid is expected to hold a high-end price tag upon release.

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