Quick Key Shortcuts in MS Excel

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I know that a lot of you know many keyboard shortcuts that you use all the time in MS Excel, but I have a couple to share with you in this article that I don't think that most of you are aware of, and ones which I find to be absolutely helpful and real time savers. I think you will agree with me.

Follow the steps below:

  • To insert an autosum, click ALT + = 
  • To resize the Excel formula bar, click CTRL + SHIFT +U (2007 only)  
  • To Allow for the selection of a named style by typing the first few letters of the style name click ALT + ' 
  • In 2007 bring up the style details box  
  • CTRL + Y Repeat last action by clicking ALT + '  
  • Repeat your last action by clicking F4

I'm pretty sure you will find these quick key shortcuts very helpful.

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