Quick Keys in MS PowerPoint

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Because I love saving time and keystrokes, below you will find some very nice quick keys to use in MS PowerPoint:

  • Create a new presentation -- Ctrl + N 
  • To open an existing presentation -- Ctrl + O 
  • Close your presentation -- Ctrl + W 
  • Save your presentation -- Ctrl + S 
  • Close the PowerPoint -- Alt + F4  F3 will start your presentation from the instant slide:

    Ctrl + Q will close all slide show windows

    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P will pause

    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R will resume your pause

    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left allows you go backward through your presentation

    Ctrl + Alt + Left will take you to your last slide

    Ctrl + R will allow you to restart your current slides
  • If you need to send your presentation to a colleague for input, you can send an automated message using Alt + F + D + C

Aren't you glad I like to share my quick keys with you?

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