New Sony Phone Uploads Directly to YouTube

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Sony Ericsson plans to introduce the W595, a new-age mobile phone that will feature a "YouTube Uploader" button. The phone, expected to debut on the Italian mobile market first, will make videos shot on the W595 available to millions of YouTube watchers instantly, at the literal push of a button.

Perhaps no other website is more recognizable right now than YouTube. For some, the popular online destination is seen as a bastion for anyone wanting to shape and create their own form of entertainment. For others, YouTube presents the perfect platform for some people to jump from "nothing special" to Internet celebrities.

Whatever the site means to you, a small button on a new mobile phone will ensure that the video vault remains full for years to come.

After uploading a video via the W595, the user receives a text message with an Internet address where the video can be accessed. There is also a key with the YouTube logo that connects directly to all of the other videos available on the website. (Source:

Strangely enough, the decision to include the function on the Sony W595 had little to do with YouTube at all. Rather, the feature comes as a response to the realization that many new functions on most mobile phones go unused by people too impatient to take the time to learn how to use them.

Analysts have reported that the number of people who use a particular function will increase by 30 percent if it appears as an actual button on their cell phone rather than having to scroll through endless menus of options to chase a feature. (Source:

The Sony W595, dubbed the "YouTube Phone", provides yet another "feather in the cap" for Italian telecommunications superpower 3 Italia. The company has already released a "Skype Phone" that offers a button linked directly to the Internet calling service.

3 Italia also plans to introduce a "Facebook Phone" that connects users to the popular social networking site quickly and easily.

The Sony "YouTube Phone" will be offered for free when a user purchases a two-year contract with the company. There is no word yet as to when the phone is expected to be released in North America or what the ramifications will be for owning one in the future.

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