Sony Game Delayed Over 'Offensive' Music

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Sony has delayed releasing a much anticipated video game after fears it could offend Muslims. The soundtrack for LittleBigPlanet includes a song which uses lyrics taken from the Qur'an.

The song is performed by a Malian musician named Toumani Diabate, himself a Muslim. The problem is that while such songs are acceptable to some Muslims, particularly in West Africa, others have a much stricter interpretation of the religion. (Source:

Unlike the Bible, which is seen by Christians a collection of historical accounts, Muslims view the Qu'ran as literally being the word of God. To some, using quotes in a song in this way is disrespectful.

The game was due out this week, but Sony has put it on hold until the track can be removed. A spokesperson for the firm remarked, "We have taken immediate action to rectify [the problem] and we sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused." The US release date is now planned as next Monday (27 October), with other countries getting the game between then and 5 November.

Media Molecule, the game's creators, says its staff are "shellshocked and gutted" at the recall. It quickly produced a patch which could be applied through a download, but Sony felt it was safest to replace all discs before they went on sale. (Source:

Some copies of the game had already been sent out, mainly to video game reviewers. As the uncorrected games will now be relatively rare, it's hardly surprising that copies are already on eBay where some buyers, either hoping for a rare disc or simply anxious to start playing, have bid as much as 75 pounds (approximately US$130).

The game has been in the works since the beginning of last year. It's an ambitious 'world creation' game that allows online collaboration with other players. The game is so important to Sony that it's including it free with every PlayStation 3 purchase in Australia this Christmas in the hope of driving sales.

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