Apply Multiple Formats in an MS Word Document Quickly

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When applying formatting to a single word or the random phrase I usually will do it manually, but we all know that I am the queen of saving time and keystrokes and so, if I have lots of changes to make in a document, you can bet that I will be doing it in the quickest manner possible. It simply is not efficient to keep manually repeating the formatting process.

Fortunately, there is a key combination that will greatly simplify this and I am going to share it with you!

The key combination is CTRL + Y. This key combination remembers the last set of formats applied. By set, I mean multiple formats applied to a selection.

There are, however, some limitations with this shortcut. It only remembers the last set of formats applied. This means you will want to apply the set to every occurrence in the document before beginning a new formatting change.

You also must apply the first set of formats using the Format dialog box. If you use the icons on the Formatting toolbar, MS Word remembers only the last icon clicked. It cannot remember a set of formats applied using the toolbar.

Follow the steps below to quickly apply multiple formats:

  • Select the first word or phrase.  
  • Select Font from the Format menu.  
  • In the Font dialog box, select the appropriate formats.  
  • Click OK to close the dialog box.  
  • MS Word will have applied the specific formats to the previously selected text.  
  • Highlight the next word or phrase that you wish to format and click CTRL + Y to apply the same formats previously chosen.  
  • Repeat until you are finished applying that particular set of formats.

Aren't you glad I love to save time and keystrokes?

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