MS Outlook Text Messaging

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Were you aware that you could text message someone using MS Outlook? Well I wasn't. Shame on me! And I really do try to keep abreast of new technology. In any event, I have very little use for texting and rarely ever use it. Perhaps that is why I just came upon this.

Many times we send emails or appointment requests to people, knowing full good and well that they are not going to be seated at the desks or anywhere in the vicinity of a computer at that particular moment. But suppose you want them to know about this information straight away? Hmmm....everyone has a cell phone with them just about every waking moment nowadays! Ok then, now you see where this is leading...

All you really need to know is the person's cell phone service provider. The email address where you send text messages is almost always in the format below:

ten digit cell phone number@provider.

Below is a list of provider email formats for your texting pleasure:

You should be aware though, that the recipient of your text message may be required to pay for the incoming message so please make sure that they are on board with that prior to texting them. I surely do not want to receive a lot of hate mail for letting you know about this!

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