Dell Axes XPS, Launches New Alienware

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PC gaming fans will want to take note of a major move by Dell this week: according to reports, the company will be dropping the majority of its powerful XPS line of systems. The muscular PCs are meant exclusively for gaming purposes, some even marketed for specific titles (like the XPS 'World of Warcraft' laptop).

The move is part of a broad attempt by Dell to resurrect its fortunes in the computer retail market. The popular online seller recently fell behind long time competitor Hewlett Packard, losing its grip on first place in the U.S. Though Dell will continue to offer a few of its lower-end XPS laptops, the more powerful (and more expensive) options like the WoW laptop and XPS 730 tower will no longer be marketed.

Dell will move its focus from XPS to Alienware, a well-established name in hardcore PC gaming. Long an independent entity, Alienware was purchased by Dell two years ago. Alienware may not sell many machines, but it carries an 'exotic sports car' kind of weight within the limited hardcore PC gamer market.

None of this means Alienware is all that much safer than the axed XPS. speculates that with slimming profit margins and consumer scepticism (many wonder if Alienware innovation has been the same since being taken over by Dell), the out-of-this-world name will soon be blasted into space, too. (Source:

Still, Dell appears to be giving Alienware one more chance to prove itself. It will begin that trial with the introduction of a bargain $1,699 2.2 GHz Phenom X4 system. (Source:

Sheesh, XPS down, Alienware next? Is the Wii having that much of an effect?

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