'Facing Facebook Consequences' Not So Bad After All

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Last week, I reported on the controversial case of social networking fan Chris Avenir, a Canadian university student facing expulsion for creating a Facebook group dedicated to providing hints for an upcoming exam. Seems Avenir won't be expelled after all, a result that has many in the web world -- and at Ryerson University -- applauding.

Avenir, a first-year computer engineering student at Ryerson in Toronto, Ontario, first came under fire for his "Dungeons/Mastering Chemistry Solutions" group. The eighteen year old was harassed by school administrators who believed the group's sole purpose was to fool one of its online testing systems.

To the surprise of many, Ryerson faced the most slack. Critics slammed the school for not being ready for social networking or the bright students who could make the most of its advantages.

Under intense media scrutiny, Ryerson's faculty decided that it would not expel Avenir, but would instead levy a '0' for the assignments he discussed on Facebook. Avenir must be relieved, given the 146 counts of academic misconduct brought against him (one for every student that joined his group, which has since been shut down). (Source: mississauganews.com)

A "DN", or "disciplinary notice" will now appear on Avenir's transcript. In order to have that removed, he'll need to attend 'academic integrity' sessions. No word yet on what the heck those might entail. (Source: ctv.ca)

Luckily for Avenir, as a first-year student he can have the notice removed from his transcript if he avoids getting busted for something like this again.

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