'Let Me Type', and 'Image Properties For Camera Phones'

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Let Me Type

Like Microsoft's AutoComplete, LetMeType helps you enter text, regardless of the program you use. Running in the background, it analyses what you type. After some time it has collected enough information to guess a word after you have typed the first two or three letters. A list of the most probable words is displayed, and you can select one with a single keystroke or just continue typing.


Image Properties For Camera Phones

This is a utility designed to read EXIF information of JPEG images captured by camera phones. Information that can be read using this utility includes: file name, file size, phones brand, phones model, date and time, orientation, exposure, exposure program, Fstops, shutter speed, aperture, iso speed, pixelXdimensions, pixelYdimension, X resolution, Y resolution, metering mode, metering method, light source, flash mode.


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