Spielberg Shaping 'Boom Blox' for Wii

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The man behind some of the most sensational movie releases in the last twenty years is about to try his hand at crafting a blockbuster video game. Steven Spielberg, director of E.T., Munich, and Minority Report, will be teaming up with game publisher Electronic Arts on Nintendo Wii title "Boom Blox".

Unfortunately for those of you who prefer the high-impact scenarios in many of Spielberg's action flicks, the famed director will be trying his hand at a puzzle game. According to reports, Boom Blox allows the player to make a number of different block structures, working their way through them and arranging each according to a set order. The descriptions eeking their out from gaming websites remain vague, but it sounds a bit like a next-gen revision of the old Tetris formula (or something like it).

Regardless of its action value or the presence of little aliens or nutbar Scientologist stars, Spielberg assures the public his first video game foray will be most enjoyable. "I am a gamer myself," Spielberg said, "and I really wanted to create a video game that I could play with my kids. Boom Blox features an enormous amount of fun challenges." (Source: canada.com)

Why the Wii?

Like most casual gamers, Spielberg has been won over by Nintendo's ability to rope in anyone seeking basic, interactive fun. "My inspiration for this game came while I was playing Wii for the first time," Spielberg assured, laying down yet another golden advertising nugget in the Japanese company's quest to regain and retain the gaming crown.

Boom Blox should be available in May. The trailer is available through 'Gaming Today.'

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