Windows Vista SP1 To Include Over 300 Hot Fixes

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Somewhat contrary to a report from regarding the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Team's claim that Microsoft Vista is far more secure than Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X, Microsoft has released a 47-page detailing Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) which describes more than 300 hot fixes covering everything from data protection to video performance. (Source:

Microsoft says the 47-page document is not exhaustive since they plan to add more fixes and patches to the final version of Vista SP1 before it's released to the public early next year.

Among the fixes listed is a solution to a problem whereby optical disks turned blank after being formatted with Vista's Live File System.  Also included is a fix for the error message generated when large files are copied from one Vista computer to another over a network, as well as an update designed to increase Vista's speed when it is operating on a computer linked to a virtual private network (VPN).

According to Microsoft, some of the fixes detailed are already available to the public as individual downloads. Other fixes will only be released as part of the final version of Vista SP1.

Earlier this year Microsoft claimed they were not planning to release a service pack for Windows Vista since it was "high quality right out of the gate," and that they would release small updates as required through the Windows Update Service (WUS).

Despite SP1, many businesses still aren't taking to Vista the way Microsoft wishes they would. How the release of Vista SP1 affects the state of Vista remains to be seen.

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