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In a recent article, I told you some of my favorite tips and tricks to use in MS Word when looking to save time and keystrokes.

Get ready for some of my favorite timesaving tips and tricks to use in MS Excel.

Want to copy an entire worksheet?

  • Simply select the tab of the worksheet.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the tab of the worksheet to either the left or right.
  • You will see what looks appears to be a little sheet of paper with a plus sign on it Drag the little sheet wherever you wish to copy it.
  • Release the mouse and you are finished!

Want to clear cells in a worksheet?

I know that you most likely are aware that you can do this by selecting the cells you want to clear and pressing the delete key or right-clicking the cells and selecting Clear contents.

What you may not know is that you can do it this way as well:

  • Select the cells to clear.
  • Go to the last cell in the series and get your fill handle.
  • Drag it in reverse over the cells.
  • You will see them turning gray.
  • Release the mouse and bingo - the cells are empty.

This won't delete the cells, but only clears them.

Want your text to wrap?

  • Key in your text and when you are finished, click on ALT + Enter and then go to another cell.
  • Your text will be wrapped to fit the column.

Aren't you glad I like to share my tips and tricks to save time?

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