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According to a recent IDC report, "more than 300 million business PCs have a combined 109,000 terabytes of data that is not backed up regularly -- which is about half of all the data on corporate PCs and laptops."

That's 10 times the quantity of information in the entire Library of Congress!

Unfortunately, I know first hand what it's like to lose important data. I never used a backup application until I had a hard drive containing hundreds of hours of writing, music, and video which all vanished in a blink of an eye. If it can happen to an "expert" computer user like me -- it can happen to anyone!

What is Eazy Backup?

Eazy Backup is a user-friendly utility for backing up the files you need most*.

Side note: Critical Files are files which cannot be downloaded, reloaded, or replaced. For example: documents, personal digital photos, Internet bookmarks / favorites, financial information, AI RoboForm data, and downloaded emails are considered critical files.

Data backup will never be exciting -- but like insurance, you should never be without a backup plan.

Eazy Backup: Features

  • Backup support for My Documents, Windows Common Files* (WCF), and Internet Explorer: Backup everything in My Documents or pick and choose specific files. Internet Explorer backup will save Favorites, ToolBar Settings, Options Settings, Cookies, and all offline folders -- or choose only select items to backup. One of the most important WCF settings is my Custom Dictionary Entries: I'd waste hours of editing time if I had to re-enter all of those again! Side note: A Windows Common File is a file which is shared among multiple programs. For example, the same Dictionary File can be used with Microsoft Word and Outlook Express.
  • Backup support for e-mail: Eazy Backup automatically finds and backs up files for Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail, Neslon Email Orgainizer, MSN 8, and Netscape. For me, losing e-mail would be catastrophic. I use e-mail as a repository for many years of information.
  • Easy backup support for financial data: Eazy Backup supports Quicken, Microsoft Money, and QuickBooks. If you keep track of your finances with one of these programs, Eazy Backup can back these files up automatically in the event of a system failure.
  • AI RoboForm data backed up: Until I started using a password management application, like AI RoboForm (I now use AccountLogon), I lost username and password information all the time. Backing up password data only makes sense!
  • ACT backup support: If you manage customer contact information with ACT, this is the easiest way to backup your data. As much as I'd miss my Outlook data, I can't even imagine what people in sales would do if they lost all their customer contacts.
  • Additional application support: In addition to the more common applications, Eazy Backup also makes a backup of Time and Chaos, 4t Calendar Reminder MP3, and Expensable.

Eazy Backup: Installation

During installation, Eazy Backup makes it easy to choose how much backup support it provides. You can choose Full Install to install support for every application, or uncheck the program you don't use by using a Custom install.

Eazy Backup: Using it on My Machine

By default, Eazy Backup locates and attempts to backup email and Internet Explorer settings, financial applications and AI RoboForm data, and documents stored in the My Documents folder.

Further configuration is possible by un-checking the boxes next to anything on your system you don't want backed up (I always uncheck Browser cookies, because most of them are easily recovered, anyway).

Eazy Backup: Scheduling a Job

I'm a firm believer in scheduling frequent backups. It just makes sense: if backups are scheduled, they are impossible to forget!

Eazy Backup offers configurable scheduling to backup data daily, weekly on a specific day, or monthly. If you prefer to manually backup data, Eazy Backup also contains an automatic backup reminder feature to help you remember.

Eazy Backup: Compress and Archive

To save space, Eazy Backup can compress the backup file. This is particularly useful if you need to store backups on CD or other external media. I highly recommend storing your backups on some external source, like a second hard drive, CD, or DVD writeable media.

Eazy Backup: Restoration

In the unfortunate event of data loss, the Eazy Backup Restore feature is just as easy to use as it is to create a backup. With Eazy Backup, you can choose to restore part of your data or the whole thing.

Side note: Make sure you store your Eazy Backup registration information in a safe place, so the application can be recovered if your hard drive fails!


For some of the most common applications and files, Eazy Backup is the simplest solution I've found for protecting critical data like email, Internet, password, and financial data files.

In short, Eazy Backup is affordable insurance incase your hard drive crashes.

Eazy Backup: Download

Eazy Backup can be obtained by clicking the link below:


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