Presenting Google 'Presentations'

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Google has released the newest component of Google Docs: a presentation component that carries a typical simplistic moniker, Google "Presentations".

Like Google Documents and Spreadsheets, users can email and upload documents to edit online. Unlike Documents, however, Presentations can only handle documents created in PowerPoint. Further, uploads must be smaller than 10MB.

Google has certainly overtaken Microsoft on the aspect of search. Does Presentations have the potential to offer Google similar success?

In a nutshell, no. Ars Technica's Eric Bangeman, a frequent PowerPoint user, tested Presentations and found that it lacked the functionality of PowerPoint. (Source:

Then again, ZD Net's Christopher Dawson disagrees with Bangeman's negative rating of Presentations. While he notes its limitations, he asserts that "anything that makes it easier to share information in an attractive, interactive, collaborative, online way with students and fellow teachers seems like a pretty cool thing to me." (Source:

Further, Google maintains that overtaking PowerPoint is not the goal of Presentations. "It doesn't have all the functionality nor is it intended to have all the functionality of Microsoft Office," maintains CEO Eric Schmidt. (Source:

Although it lacks bonus features like word art, Google Presentations does offer various backgrounds and themes to add visual appeal. Primarily though, its advantage lies in its ability to allow users to simultaneously edit presentations in real time. Presentations also enables users to present slide shows online without any additional software. Users can also chat with viewers via an integrated chat feature. (Source:

Google Presentations may not be a PowerPoint killer, but it sure is an attractive option for fans of real-time sharing.

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