'Trashing' Facebook

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Call it inevitable. As Facebook continues to take over the computer screens of bored cubicle dwellers and exhausted college students, the site has become the target of investigation at Oxford university in England. (Source: upi.com)

For those familiar with Facebook, it's entirely understandable that the site could be used for investigating one's activities, relationships, or general personality. Many of these details are listed on a user's page, under windows for events, groups, or simple banter between friends.

Unfortunately, the administration at Oxford university, according to a few, have taken advantage of this. In an attempt to cut back on the number of campus "trashings", the school has admitted to monitoring the behaviour of students via Facebook. (Source: ctv.ca)

What the heck is a "trashing"?

Although it sounds incredibly damaging, trashings are little more than students spraying each other with anything from champagne to whipped cream in celebration of an end to the exam period. Yeah, that's right. I wish someone would cover me with expensive bubbly and tasty Cool Whip (especially on a hot day like this one).

Students at Oxford are understandably shaken. Led by union president Martin McCluskey, they've begun hiding most of their critical information (including pictures and personal details) on individual Facebook pages. Although McCluskey admits that students should not make a mess of the Oxford campus or the surrounding area with such "trashings", the school administration's tactic for addressing the issue has been anything but professional. Most students have also been shocked to receive fines between $80 and $200 USD for only slightly mischievous behaviour.

Wow, all this story needs is streaking before it becomes every college movie ever produced.

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