Sony and BSkyB: Together in the UK

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BSkyB and Sony are teaming up to satisfy European customers. The pair will make it possible for users in the UK and Ireland to download films and television programs with Sony's handheld PSP console.

The innovation will be Europe's first PSP video download. With the new technology, programs can be downloaded directly onto PSP units using a Wi-Fi connection. Since BSkyB will work with third-party providers, content will be available by subscription.

BSkyB picked Sony to be its partner because of the intelligent technology behind the PSP console. In the words of James Murdoch, BSkyB's chief executive, "This is particularly exciting because the PSP is a fantastic device and we think the product is a proven one for audio visual consumption."

Who the heck is BSkyB?

In the past, BSkyB has provided content for download  onto mobile phones. However, its service has failed because most of these phones are equipped with small screens and poor sound quality. (Source:

Another factor in the collaboration relates to BSkyB's financial situation. The company showed a 10% increase in revenues in the last 12 months, and its underlying operating profits saw an annual growth of 6%. As well, BSkyB has successfully recruited 1.4 million customers over the past year. (Source:

In addition to its current partnership with Sony, BSkyB may be entering new relationships with other handheld gaming icons. Rumors are now swirling about an upcoming alliance with Nintendo and, in particular, its DS Lite. BSkyB finds this device attractive because it brings in business from those outside of the typical gamer profile. Females and older users often choose the DS Lite over other gadgets of its kind.

Nevertheless, a collaboration with Nintendo may be just a rumor for now. As stated by Murdoch, "We haven't had any discussion with Nintendo but we're always looking to work with partners in new ways. Over time we want to see the widest possible distribution of our content." (Source:

Doesn't every company?

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