More Vista Boasting from Microsoft

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According to Microsoft, the company has now leaped from 40 million sales of Windows Vista (reported a few months ago), to an even more impressive 60 million. For the record, that's a tally of 20 million units sold since mid-May, alone.

Word of the jump came last Thursday, during Microsoft's annual meeting with financial analysts. The message was delivered by proud papa Kevin Turner, the company's COO. Turner's boasting is intended to steer the media away from reports that Vista is selling poorly, perhaps as a result of some stinging criticism. (Source:

It's also an important point for Microsoft to make considering a level of frustration with continued interest in the now dated Windows XP operating system.

Adding further insight is Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Chief Executive. Ballmer believes even more widespread growth is in Vista's future, especially as the company makes efforts to outwardly expand its desktop and server center enterprises while also laying down new foundations for web services.

If such growth is to continue, it will be because of a tightening relationship between big business and Microsoft's cornerstone software packages Office and Vista. Ballmer told listeners that both are receiving greater than expected support from the corporate community.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these initiatives also comprise the bulk of Microsoft's profits. Cash earned here will buoy future development and creative pioneering in other electronics, such as mobile devices like the Zune or entertainment like the Xbox 360. (Source:

On a side note, other than increasing sales, Vista is also growing in compatibility. Countering one of the red flags risen by critics of the new operating system, Microsoft has labored intensely to reach its current plateau of 2,000 compatible applications.

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