Sony PS3 Sales Skyrocket

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Better late than never, huh Sony?

In the two weeks after the video game company cut its PlayStation 3 price by $100, sales of the console have surged upwards some 135%. It's finally some good news for the PS3, which has been nothing short of a disappointment since its troubled launch last November.

Of course, we're taking Sony's word for it on this one. For now, the sales increase comes from the company's own preliminary reports, compiled with the help of its five top retailers in the United States. (Source:

Regardless, it's not much of a surprise. Although the PS3's game library is shallow (at best) next to Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's hardware boasts a very impressive Blu-ray player and plenty of good intentions. There's no reason to doubt that the PlayStation 3 will receive its fair share of quality titles in the coming year, and most hardcore gamers realize that.

And yet, official sales continue to boost executive egos over at another video game company. Nintendo's handheld DS sold more than half a million units in June, with the fan-favorite Wii pulling in second with 381,000 shipments. The Xbox 360 was a distant competitor, sprinting to the finish at 198,000, while the PS3 crawled desperately across the white line with just 98,000 sales.

Nintendo games fared equally well. Despite horrid reviews, Mario Party 8 pulled in an astounding 426,000 sales, more than twice Microsoft's critically acclaimed top-seller, Forza Motorsport 2 (197,000). (Source:

Despite June headaches, Sony and its fans should be pleased with July stats, once they're available.

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