LinkedIn: MySpace for Grown Ups

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Lately, the same technology that MySpace employs to allow users to share information (blogs, photos, music, and videos) has become popular in the business world. In fact, employees in large companies have been turning to MySpace to connect with clients and co-workers. However, a better option for professionals is LinkedIn, the first model for business-oriented networking sites.

"Teen" and "young adult" are terms that define the MySpace generation. These youthful users often visit sites like MySpace to find romantic partners, make friends, or waste time. Though older adults and professionals rarely log on to this specific social networking site, they find the concept amusing; however, no practical reasons make them want to create a screen name.

Some may believe in the stereotype that older individuals are not as tech savvy as their younger counterparts. LinkedIn has created a site that is easy and accessible to all who use it. According to one of the network's four founders, "At this point, if you come in and upload your address book and connect with people that are here, it doesn't take much experimenting. You can be off to the races immediately, and that's one of the benefits of being at a scale of 12 million people." (Source:

Is MySpace at risk of becoming extinct? Not likely, since more and more youthful members are joining its network daily. Nevertheless, LinkedIn is putting up a good fight. With about 700,000 new users each month, revenue has doubled year-to-date.

As for LinkedIn users, they warn that MySpace will not be able to keep up with the business lifestyle. Many feel that the juvenile MySpace culture has passed them by. Meeting friends and companions through a social network is not something that the business world needs. In the words of one LinkedIn customer, "There will always be sites that exist like Facebook and other advertising supported models, but the real question is can you employ them in a proven business model?" (Source:

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