Forget PS3 Price Drop, PAL

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It sure does stink to be a PAL of Sony's.

That's because PAL territories, or those in Europe and Australia, won't receive the much-publicized price reduction of the PlayStation 3 console. They also won't get a chance to take home the freshly announced 80 GB version of the system, which boasts 20 GB more hard drive space than the previous edition.

What's the deal?

Europeans and Aussies still pay the same price for the 60 GB version of the PS3, $599 Euros and $A999 respectively, but they'll be privy to a fairly interesting bargain from Sony. The company's new compilation, which has been called both a "Starter Pack" and "Value Pack" will include the system itself, plus two controllers (wireless or wired, we're not sure), and two games. The bundled titles include Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man, perhaps the two most noteworthy releases for Sony's young console. (Source:

So, clearly it doesn't completely stink for European and Australian gamers. Some North American Sony fans have even proclaimed their jealousy, considering the fact that most new PS3 owners quickly snap up their own copies of Motorstorm and Resistance, anyhow.

Still, the price reduction gives Sony gamers in North America the choice of what games to buy and when. That reality has left Sony scrambling to make it up to players abroad, and has hinted it will be announcing "something really special" for the European PlayStation 3 during the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention. (Source:

Despite its regionally-specific stance on the PS3, Sony will maintain a worldwide approach to the release of its redefined and slimmer PlayStation Portable (PSP). North Americans, Europeans, and Aussies alike will all get the chance to snap up the updated handheld (in new colors silver and white) when they're released in September.

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