Everyone's a PS3 Critic

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Update: Now that Sony has indeed dropped the price of the PlayStation 3, does it indicate that Sega knew the following all along?

How ironic: A company whose own massive marketing mistakes flushed its hardware down the toilet is now offering Sony advice on how to get the PlayStation back on top.

It figures. When you're dominating the market, no one says a word. But, once the going gets tough, everyone's a critic.

Enter Sega, once a dreadnought of hardware power. Sega began its rise with the Master System, a poor man's Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The company then struck gold with the Genesis, a 16-bit titan whose success flowed from titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and later hits like Vectorman.

However, Sega's attempts to succeed the Genesis with the Saturn and Dreamcast were marred by some of the worst marketing and support in gaming history. That, and the timing certainly wasn't right. Although the Dreamcast is still considered a great console, it was put out of its misery by the PlayStation series.

How interesting, then, that Sega is now offering Sony advice. The former believes that, in order for the PlayStation 3 to survive, it must reduce the console's price. In a recent interview, Sega's corporate director, Masanao Maeda stated that, "Since it's getting difficult to make software availability a differentiating factor, superior marketing and pricing strategy will be the key for Sony". (Source: gulfnews.com)

That's proven one reason the Wii, which retails for just $250, is outselling the PlayStation 3 by as much as three to one. Much of Maeda's interview preaches the virtues of Nintendo, perhaps because "Mario & Sonic", a collective of the two companies' icons, will hit stores this fall. (Source: gamasutra.com)

So, is Sega correct?

Suggesting a price drop for the PlayStation 3 is hardly new. However, it does reveal the opinion of some of the industry's most important game makers (a title Sega has been reduced to).

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