Sony Begs Gamers Not to Give Up on PS3

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Sony's PlayStation 2 was a dominant force. After the first Sony console trounced the Nintendo 64, third-party support flourished for its younger, sleeker, black sibling. The PlayStation 2 was home to some of the generation's most impressive games, including the revitalized Grand Theft Auto franchise and the story-driven Metal Gear Solid series.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Today, the next in line at Sony, the PlayStation 3, is being outsold 3 to 1 in Japan (some say 5 to 1) by Nintendo's Wii. In North America, the bleeding isn't so severe, with the PS3 selling at least half the units shipped by competitor Nintendo. However, here it's also being whipped by the Xbox 360, Microsoft's equally powerful console. (Source:

Amidst the fighting, Sony management has set out to calm the once glorious PlayStation nation. In an interview with a Japanese financial publication, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) president Kaz Hirai promised that some 200 software titles and 180 download-only games would be arriving on the PlayStation 3 before next March. That's nearly 400 titles, an impressive number for a console that's now barely peaking over the century mark. (Source:

If the numbers prove true, it could indeed revitalize the panting PS3. The system has been hit hardest by its own price, which towers some $350 over the less-technically inclined Wii. However, equally painful for Sony's (dwindling) staff have been a loss of developer loyalty, as notable franchises like Grand Theft Auto creep onto the Xbox 360.

Thus far, the PS3 has been all about muscle. Let's see if hammering gamers with 380 titles is enough to get Sony back where it wants to be.

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