MySpace and eBay Engaged?

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Is love brewing between MySpace and eBay?

The answer: most likely. MySpace, an online social network, may partner with eBay to enhance its site.


In the future, auctioneers eBay will provide MySpace with e-commerce features.

MySpace founders want to offer clients the opportunities and tools to sell their products while socializing, and eBay is a prime candidate for supplying the desired mechanics.

However, nothing's set in stone. MySpace has voiced its feelings concerning the partnership, saying "we haven't decided yet, but it would be probably a good bet that someone like eBay could be a good partner." (Source:

MySpace will not be the only corporation receiving benefits from the relationship. eBay will gain rewards as a result of the massive MySpace traffic. This collaboration is forming at a good time, since eBay's PayPal branch is currently struggling against Google's Checkout.

MySpace and eBay, sitting in a tree...

The two companies have been discussing this possible alliance for several months. If an agreement is made, the conditions will include eBay providing profits from MySpace deals back to News Corp.

The trials of love

However, roadblocks are appearing in the path of this relationship. The biggest? Google. "Google wanted to throw on the fringes of an eBay partner event, prompting eBay to withdraw its USD100 million advertising. To further thicken the plot, Google splurged USD900 million last year on the rights to run the MySpace search box." (Source:

Another problem relates to MySpace's primary rival, Facebook, which has opened up to companies like Amazon. "It has also built its own eBay-challenging Marketplace feature for classifieds, though the ability to make payments could still be up for grabs." (Source:

So, too, could the wallets of online socialites.

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