Sony Woes Continue in Japan

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Some tech writers, including myself, have compared the upcoming Apple iPhone to the Sony PlayStation 3. Both boast a plethora of extras and an equally awe-inspiring cost, factors that could doom the iPhone's June release (and future). It certainly hasn't proven to be a successful tactic for Sony, whose PlayStation 3 is routinely outsold in mass numbers by the Microsoft Xbox 360 and especially the beloved Nintendo Wii, which also launched in November of last year. Recent sales statistics are even more depressing for PS3 owners, as the Japanese market continues to ignore Sony's big black machine.

So, just how bad is it for the PlayStation 3?

According to Tokyo research company Enterbrain, the massively influential Japanese gaming public is grabbing up Nintendo Wiis at a rate five times faster than PS3s. In other words, for every kid crying at his mom to buy him Sony's new system, there are five equally whiney little tykes hoping their parents will suddenly splurge for a family Wii. (Source:

The exact stats are as follows: In the month of May, over 251,000 Japanese gamers bought Nintendo Wii consoles. About 50,000 splurged on the more expensive PlayStation 3, while a paltry 11,000 decided they'd try the very-American Xbox 360 from Microsoft. Although Sony can take solace in the fact that Bill Gates' console is struggling in Japan far more than the PS3, the Xbox 360 maintains greater support in North America.

Compounding the pain for Sony may be the sales numbers of the Nintendo DS versus the PlayStation Portable, or PSP. According to Enterbrain, the DS sold 620,000 times in May, with the PSP scrounging up just 123,000 new owners. (Source:

At least Microsoft still hasn't dabbled in portable gaming, eh Sony?

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