Windows Vista Reportedly Causing Delay of Mac OS X Leopard

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Windows Vista took a long time to develop. Some 10,000 plus Microsoft employees worked on the new operating system, with the project -- codenamed "Longhorn" -- eventually expanding from a mere update to XP to something as radical as the epic Windows 95.

With all of the pent-up hype over the new product, it's meant just as much anxiety for Microsoft's competition. That's the word right now, with reports that the release of Vista -- as delayed as it seemed to be -- has also prolonged the wait for Apple's new Mac OS X "Leopard".

So, why the delay of Apple's operating system (OS)?

One of the major draws to the Mac computer has been its recent ability to run Windows, the operating system most associated with the rival PC. In order for Apple to integrate Vista into its Leopard plans, the company has been forced to delay their own new OS until October. That's another six months down the road, a postponement that will surely be disappointing to those anticipating Leopard just next month. (Source:

The reason for the delay is coming from tech insiders at DigiTimes, with Apple officially making the Microsoft-inspired statement that, "We don't comment on rumors and we've made no announcements about Leopard availability more specific than Spring 2007." (Source:

The jury's still out on whether the initiative is worth the delay. With Vista sales slower than expected, Apple fans will surely be annoyed that Leopard is subject to a lengthy pushback in order to accommodate a struggling PC operating system.

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