Microsoft Releases Vista-Compatible Apps List

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If you're wondering how compatible a number of applications are with Vista, you'll be pleased to hear that Microsoft's latest operating system supports most notable entries.

The company has recently released an official list, which includes 100 of Microsoft's own products. In addition, a number of surprises appear from direct competitors of the Washington state based company, like Google Toolbar.

The list Microsoft has comprised is officially called its "Certified" applications. The titles that make the grade have been labeled "Certified for Windows Vista", in a somewhat similar manner to Nintendo's old "Seal of Approval" for NES games. (Source:

So, what are some of the most notable entries?

Various art programs, including:

  • Arcsoft studio applications, like Panorama Maker, and Print Creations
  • CorelDraw's Graphics Suite X3

Security programs, such as:

  • SafeIT's Digital Security Suite
  • Trend Micro Antivirus

There are two distinctions between the number of programs available, including "Certified for Vista" and "Works with Vista". Here's Microsoft's explanation of the two:

The "Certified for Windows Vista" logo is a compatibility designation for applications and devices that have passed a rigorous testing program on computers that are running Windows Vista. The technical requirements for this designation target four core areas: reliability, security, compatibility with Windows Vista and future operating systems, and installation and removal.

The "Works with Windows Vista" logo is a compatibility designation that is designed to encourage Windows Vista compatibility for the current generation of Windows-based applications. To receive this designation, software companies test their applications to make sure that the applications meet the program's guidelines.

Microsoft plans to update and add to the list on a weekly basis.

For a full list of these applications, see:

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