Live like The Jetsons: Appliances that Interact over WiFi

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Imagine coming in after a hard day of work in the summer months and wanting nothing more than to sit in the coolness of your own home and watch some television. Imagine only having to push a single button, and the temperature of your home, your favorite television channel and even the dimness of the interior lights adjust to your personal preference. Imagine pushing another button and all of the settings return to their previous state.

Welcome to the future of convenient living.

Beginning next month, Best Buy will sell a package called 'ConnectedLife.Home' that features a computer with software coordinating a high-definition television, light switches, a thermostat and two remote cameras. The components are able to interact with each other through main power lines and wireless networks. (Source:

All of the components are controlled by a black Hewlett-Packard Co. computer. The computer uses Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Media Center to record television shows onto the PC and send them to any television located within the house. The system is also able to capture, record and store photos, music and home videos. (Source:

The lights and thermostat are controlled by a third-party software called Lifeware.

For an additional $19.95 a month, users can access the package over the Internet. The two video cameras will allow the user to check on the house and shut off any lights left on or reduce the thermostat while they are on vacation.

The package also hopes to soon include other appliances (like the laundry machine) in the near future. Perhaps if the clothes are in the dryer and the home owner is watching television, a message could flash on the television screen notifying the individual that the clothes are finished drying. (Source:

Best Buy is expected to sell the 'ConnectedLife.Home' package for $15,000 USD. The cost will likely include installation in the United States. (Source:

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