Microsoft Unveils Vista Ultimate Extras

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Microsoft recently revealed details of the Vista Ultimate Extras add-on package.

Although there has been talk about Ultimate Extras for months, Microsoft has remained relatively tight-lipped about the specifics. But on January 7th, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Microsoft officials finally detailed the final lineup for the Ultimate Extras package. (Source:

First up is a Vista enhanced version of the Texas Hold 'Em poker game. (Source:

Also in the package are multi-user interface language (MUIL) packs. These packs allow users fluent in different languages to share a PC. Microsoft said that the MUILs will be available for 35 languages, plus English. (Source:

Next up is the BitLocker Online Security Key Storage. This feature gives users a secure place to store their BitLocker encryption keys, as used in the Online Vista Marketplace. Having stored their keys, users will be able to retrieve them over the web if they get lost. (Source:

Windows DreamScene is another component of the Ultimate Extras package. DreamScene is an animated wallpaper technology that enables users to run high resolution video in the Vista Aero Glass interface. Sample content will be provided by Microsoft and some of its partners, including Stardock. (Source:

The package wraps up with one last product: digital publications. Digital publications are a series of tips, blog links, and other resources for using Vista Ultimate. (Source:

These five products make up the first Vista Ultimate Extras package, but Microsoft officials have stated that there is more to come. The company has said that it plans to issue more downloadable extras over time. (Source:

The Ultimate Extras package will be available to those running Windows Vista Ultimate. It is expected to be released on January 30th, the same day that Vista kicks off into retail. (Source:

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