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Tuesday's feature article of the Infopackets Gazette Newsletter made a very brief mention of a new downloadable eBook and Video Tutorial that I've been working on. The idea to create the tutorial was spawned from our recent newsletter discussions about archiving software. I've decided to take a time-out from my regular featured articles to announce that the Archiving eBook and Video Ultimate Guide is now complete.

What did you say archiving was, exactly?

From the eBook:

" Typically, archival software is used to 'glue' multiple files together into a single, smaller file. As the files are being combined, the archive can be compressed. This makes it easy to transport the files over the Internet (IE: download / upload).

... Knowing how to compress and decompress an archived file is essential, especially in today's world of online computing. WinZIP, WinRAR, and WinACE are 3 popular archivers used on the Internet today. "

The eBook and video detail new information not previously discussed in the newsletter (about 95% of it, in fact).

Topics covered in the eBook include:

  • What is archival software?
  • WinZIP, WinRAR, and WinACE
  • Comparing archival software: which one is better?
  • Files which do not compress
  • Compression levels
  • Splitting / spanning an archive
  • Why would you want to span an archive?
  • Add, compress, create, extract, decompress, expand, refresh archives
  • Backing up archived files onto another medium
  • CRC error-checking and corrupt archives
  • How does an archive suddenly go corrupt?
  • How to resolve a corrupt archive
  • Freeware alternatives to WinRAR, WinZIP, and WinACE
  • Additional freeware sources

The downloadable video explicitly outlines how to:

  • Create an archive using Windows Explorer
  • Remove file(s) from an archive
  • Add / Freshen files to an archive
  • Extract / decompress files from an archive
  • Compare and explain compression levels
  • How to span a mutli-volume archive (create and decompress)

I am quite sure that this eBook will demystify and delight readers with its very clearly written, super-easy-to-understand content. All material covered is 100% of my own merit (freeware picks are from readers of this newsletter, of course)!

Downloading the Content

The eBook is downloadable, consists of 23 pages and has plenty of examples (including illustrations). The downloadable video is 12 minutes in length and consists of 2 separate files: 4.8 meg and 3.4 meg, respectively. If you're on a slow internet connection (56k modem), don't worry -- it should only take less than 20 minutes to download the two video files.

This tutorial will help fund the cost of running the web site.

If you enjoy reading this newsletter and would like some extremely valuable information, please do not hesitate to show your support. I've deeply discounted the tutorial to make it affordable for everyone:

Thank you!

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