Survey Reveals More About Businesses' Plans for Vista

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With the Vista Business launch less than two weeks away, many are anticipating the arrival of the new operating system. A recent survey revealed further details about businesses' plans to adopt Vista, and the timelines they expect to follow.

The survey, commissioned by direct-marketing reseller CDW, asked 761 IT managers from different sized business about their company's plan for Vista adoption.

86% of respondents plan to upgrade to Vista, and about 20% expect to start deployment within the next twelve months. While the figure may seem optimistic to some, it should be noted that "starting deployment" does not translate into meaning fully adopting the Vista system. (Source:

The survey also revealed that only 2% of respondents have a "detailed scheduled plan" to adopt Vista. While Microsoft may find it comforting that an additional 24% have either a tentative plan or one in the making, the figures aren't exactly cause for celebration.

Terry Fink, Manager of Marketing and Development at CDW, insists that "virtually everybody needs a plan" when it comes to Vista. (Source:

Although the survey results may sound as though Vista's arrival isn't as anticipated as Microsoft would like us to think, the company remains confident.

A Microsoft spokesperson said on Tuesday: "Businesses typically bring new operating systems into their environments more slowly than consumers, but we think businesses will adopt Windows Vista faster than any previous operating system." (Source:

Microsoft has been touting Vista as a cost-saving tool for businesses. The company claims that enhancements such as increased security, more powerful installation tools, and improved central management capabilities could result in substantial cost savings for businesses. Getronics NV, a Microsoft systems integration company, has claimed that companies can save up to $320 annually per computer. (Source:

While many analysts question the exact amount, Microsoft maintains Vista's characteristic as a cost cutter. As far as their claim that Vista will be adopted faster than any other operating system... well, we soon shall see about that.

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