Suits to Celebrate Business Launch of Vista November 30

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At the Halo 2 launch in 2004, thousands upon thousands of gaming geeks lined up on a cold and wet November night to amongst the first people to play Master Chief's latest adventure. Not long after that, millions upon millions of Star Wars nerds filed through city streets and into theaters to catch a glimpse of Darth Vader's exciting unveiling.

My only question is this: What will the business Vista launch be like, come November 30?

Vista's release has been anticipated by corporations for years, not unlike the buzz surrounding techie favorites like Halo and Star Wars. The clock is ticking down towards liftoff of the business version of Vista, and although it's unlikely you'll see men (and women) in suits lining New York City streets in nail-biting anticipation, the release will be a big deal.

According to reports, the invites have been passed out for the official release party of business Vista, which is being thrown at NASDAQ in Times Square. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is set to entertain a host of corporate entities, and he'd better have plenty of Dilbert jokes to throw around. (Source:

Although the Vista business launch is less likely to feature the unique brand of nerd typically associated with a Star Wars release, Microsoft has one heckuva corny title for its celebration. The company is inviting some of America's corporate VIPs to a "New Day for Business," with marketing messages of working "Better Together" and becoming more and more "People Ready."

For those not attending, the event will mark the widespread release of business editions of Vista and Office 2007. Home consumers can expect Vista to hit their PCs at the end of January. (source:

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